Friday, April 16, 2010

Recycled Mailer Tutorial

Most Regal Cottage items are mailed in handmade recycled mailers. We love to share our secrets, so here's how it's done.

To get started, you will need:

Empty Cracker or Cereal Box
Pinking Shears
Mailing Labels
Sewing Machine
Rubber Stamps
Ink Pad
Packing Tape

Step 1:
Cut the front and back off of your empty box with the pinking shears. Be sure to leave the end flaps until the next step.
Step 2:
Choose one end flap to be the closing end of your mailer. Cut the other three end flaps off.

Step 3:
Place printed sides together and zig-zag stitch around edges leaving the flap end open.

Step 4:
Place your mailing labels and decorate with rubber stamps for that special handmade touch. Use packing tape to close the end flap securely.

ScribblingClub on Etsy makes wonderful custom rubber stamps. She will make them for you with your own graphics ( I also use the stamp that she made for me for my hangtags (also from recycled boxes).

I make it a habit to flatten and save all of our cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc. so when I am in the mood, I can make a ton of these.

See, it's so easy being GREEN! I hope you have a Happy Earth Day everyday!


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