Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Artist's Statement

I was recently asked for an artist statement. Hmmm. Something you do everyday, to get through the day. So many questions of what to include.

Should I include: How growing up I was surrounded by art because my parents owned a custom frame shop? How the artists at the frame shop taught me to paint just as I was learning to write? How I began taking formal oil painting classes when I was six years old? How I won my first art contest in the first grade? How I won first prize in Dallas Independent School District's PTA art contest?

Nah, I didn't include any of that because my work doesn't include painting anymore. I now prefer the less messy art of sewing.

Here's what I did include:
Regina Frydman is a former preschool director and elementary school teacher who enjoys making classic toys with modern sensibilities. Her sustainable designs incorporate repurposed vintage fabrics, certified organic cotton, designer quilting fabrics, and eco-felt.

Regina makes each Regal Cottage product by hand in her studio/sewing room in her home in Dallas, Texas (USA). Regina shares her home with four wonderful kids, ages 2 to 10, and her husband, Aaron. Aaron is the bookkeeper and their children are the built-in focus group at Regal Cottage. Only the kids’ favorite items become Regal Cottage products, and they are thrilled to share them with you.


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