Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pictures from the Funky Finds

My Mom came to help me with this show.
She was so very helpful, and what a good time we had together.

Several new items made their debut at the Funky Finds.

These are Circus Softies made from all vintage fabric. The prints on these are so colorful and fun. They are also cuddly soft and weighted on the bottom gusset so they don't topple over.

Here is the Circus Clown, Elephant, and Giraffe.

The Dutchie Girls were also introduced at the Funky Finds.
These are made from imported Japanese fabric and vintage chenille.

Matryoshka Ornaments were very popular for holiday gifts.

And of course, we brought lots of Regal Baby Balls and Flower Clips.

We had Vespas and VW Buses for the boys,

And more Regal balls.

This sweetie and his "Craft Girls Get Me Hot" shirt was definitely the highlight of our day!

Lots of funky fun was had by all at the Funky Finds 2010.

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  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing them on Flickr! LOVE that man's tee! LOL



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