Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Greener Goods at Regal Cottage

I would like to take a moment to share with you why and how our Regal Cottage products are better for the environment and better for your little ones.

We have created our own eco-fab combo for our toys that includes organic cotton, vintage fabrics, recycled vintage chenille, eco-felt and sustainable fiberfill.

Certified Organic Cotton
Organic fabrics have come a long way and now come in so many adorable styles.
Organic Cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Fabrics are dyed with low impact dyes. This helps keep our air and water cleaner, and is safer for little ones. We are so lucky today because many quilt fabric designers are now offering organic options, and they just get better with each new collection. We love including these fun, organic fabrics in our toys.

Recycled Collectible Vintage Fabrics, often these are Old New Stock
Old New Stock fabrics give our products a retro cute vibe.
Old New Stock is an industry term for vintage fabrics that were stored and never used. It has happened to virtually every sewer-fall in love with a fabric and go way over board in buying it all up. It happens in factories too. These old fabrics are usually my favorites because they have retro graphic styles that just aren't made any more. I spend alot of time on this end of the business. Why? Because I love the retro designs, and because I love knowing that these fun fabrics are getting the new life they deserve.

Recycled Vintage Chenille
Recycled vintage chenille gives our products vibrant colors and fluffy soft texture.
We hunt down vintage chenille bedspreads that are ready to be recycled. They typically come from the 50's -70's and are no longer usable as bedspreads. We sterilize them. We meticulously comb through them to select the best pieces to be used in our products. We do this because we believe that these old fabrics are truly treasures from the past, and by including them in our products, we give each of our toys a unique look and feel. It's a fun way to put a piece of history right into little ones' hands.   

Tooth Buddies are made from Eco-Felt.
Eco-felt is a mind-boggling product. It is felt made from recycled post-consumer plastic. It looks and feels just like regular felt, but is better for the environment. Lots less plastic floating around in the world is definitely a wonderful thing!

Ingeo Fiberfil
Ingeo Fiberfill is what gives our toys there fluff factor!
Ingeo fiber is fiberfill made from corn! You can read lots more info about this ingenious product here, but there are many terrific reasons we choose to use it in our products. 
*It's a renewable resource that is produced in the USA. 
*It's also hypo-allergenic. So many kids today are allergic to so many, many things. It's nice to know that our toys are not likely to be one of them. 
*Unlike other eco-friendly filers, Ingeo is machine washable. Kids get dirty and so do their toys. It is very important to me that our toys be easy to clean. Everyone of our products are machine washable. We recommend placing them in a pillowcase to wash. Most can also be machine dried too. Only our toys that include eco-felt should be air dried.

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