Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snapshots from An Orphanage in Ethiopia

My daughter's teacher is in the process of adopting a sweet baby from Ethiopia. She is the kind of teacher you always hope your child gets. She is so loving and kind, and really makes learning fun! When we heard she was planning to adopt, we were so thrilled for her because we know she will be an awesome Mom too. What a lucky little boy to have her as a Mom! 

Well, she has waited tirelessly for a court date to get the ball rolling on the adoption, and to finally get a chance to meet her little boy and hold him in her arms. Before she left for Ethiopia, our class threw a baby shower for the Care Center. Everyone gave all kinds of gifts from clothing to baby lotion and diapers. I contributed balls and dolls from Regal Cottage, and here are some snapshots from Ethiopia. 

I especially love this picture. Ball, book, or phone? How about all three! Already a master of multitasking!

"As you can see the balls were a huge hit with the kids in his room! The older girls also loved the stuffed little dolls.....I went upstairs to take pictures of them but quickly discovered they had hidden them in their bunk room so the little kids wouldn't ruin them." She also told me that the caregivers were very happy that the balls don't hurt when the children get bumped with them. 

It just melts my heart, and makes me want to send a million more!

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