Friday, June 22, 2012

Studio Peak: Behind the Scenes at Regal Cottage

This is were the Regal Cottage toys come to life.
I'd love to show you around, so come on inside.

I have begun collecting yellow accessories to bring a bit of sunshine into the room. The color I chose is the same as the yellow tupperware canisters that my Mom passed down to me. These canisters were on our kitchen counters when I was a little girl. I use them now to store buttons, ribbon, and the rattles that go inside our baby rattles.

My favorite thing about this space is the awesome cherrywood built-in cabinets. There are tons of shelves and drawers. The storage possibilities are endless, almost. Somehow, I have managed to fill them all to the brim. And then, there is also a closet full, but that won't be on the tour today.

Thanks for not saying anything about the floor. It's a work in progress. We had a lovely berber carpet there, but it was terrible about catching every loose thread and scrap of fabric that fell to the floor, and I just couldn't take it. This bare slab feels more industrial, and I like it, for now at least.

You may have noticed that I like contrast. Traditional and modern. Polka dots and stripes. Red cherrywood and bare slab floors. I like contrast a lot! We have talked about stained concrete floors, but there has been too much work going on here for that, thankfully.

This is my sewing spot #2 and packaging area. In case you are wondering why I have two sewing areas, the answer is simple. I am lazy. Ha! I don't like changing my thread in the middle of a project, so I just change my seat. It seems to make everything run smoother for me. There are enough interruptions as it is, and I have the space, so might as well use it, right?

Thanks for checking out my sewing room. I hope you like it as much as I do.


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