Friday, February 8, 2013

Retro Storytime: Tell Me a Riddle

I  am delighted to start a new series, the Retro Storytime, here on the blog. It's a virtual story time, and everyone is invited. I'll be sharing my favorite vintage picture books from our book collection.

To get things started, I'd like to share a riddle book that has some really outstanding illustrations. The riddles can be a bit off at times, but I've picked out my favorites to share with you. And it's all about the pictures today!

cat in a birdcage

lion and monkeys reading illustration
You know it's going to be pretty silly when monkeys are pulling a lion's tail, and playing jump rope!

teepee and american indian vintage illustration
 What do you take when it rains? Shelter. 
Who couldn't love this thief?

What wig covers the head but is never worn? A wigwam. 
Love that teepee!

elephant and asian indian vintage illustration
 What's the worst weather for rats and mice? When it's raining cats and dogs.
When is an elephant heavier than an elephant? When it's led. 
Of course!

Where would you find an elephant? It's not easy to lose one, it's so big.
What country are children happiest in? Lapland. 
My fav-o-rite! Are you seeing his cowboy hat and cap gun? Too cute.

When is a thief lazy? When he takes it easy.
Hehehe. Even robbers need to take it easy sometimes.

What pies will you never find in a baker's oven? Magpies. 
Oh yes!

Why did the llama look over the fence? Because he couldn't look through it. 
Love a lovely llama with a baseball cap and pennant!

There are lots more knee slappers inside this book, so if you want to get your own copy, here are the details for today's book:

Tell Me a Riddle 
Edited by Dana Bruce 
Illustrated by Frank Elkin 
Copyright 1966

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Retro Storytime! 

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