Friday, March 12, 2010

Goodbye Sodas, Hello Fizzie Alternative

 Lately, my oldest son is REALLY into sodas. Or as we like to call it in Texas, "Coke." Yes, all sodas are affectionately called "Coke" in Texas. (I have no idea why, just one of those funny Texas things).

Well, here's my healthy alternative: Fizzies!

1 Tablespoon Any Flavor Frozen Fruit Juice Concentrate
Sparkling Water, such as Canada Dry
Place fruit juice concentrate in drinking glass. Fill glass with sparkling water leaving a couple of inches from the top of glass. Stir to mix. Adjust the amount of fruit juice concentrate to taste.
Get ready for the fizz! It really bubbles up. Kids get a big kick out of making this.
All the fizz, no caffeine, and a whole lot less sugar!

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