Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Little Trip: Granbury

Just as we neared the end of our Spring Break, my husband and I began to panic. Panic, panic, PANIC!

We had done almost nothing in our almost two week long Spring Break. The lazy days around the house were terrific, but we felt like we needed to do something

So we hopped in the VW van and decided to mosey on down to Granbury, Texas. What a treat this little fishing town was! We found a great hotel on Lake Granbury with BIG rooms and a lake view at very affordable prices. 
We were able to walk to this adorable lake beach.
 It was so convincing that the kids kept calling the lake, the beach. "Mom look out for the sharks!" "No sharks or jellyfish in the lake." "When is high tide?" "It's all high tide in the lake." It was quite comical.
There were tons of very happy ducks.
 The ducks were endlessly entertaining.
We also walked down to the  town square where we had tons of fun at the coffee shops, sweet shops, and antique stores-wish I had gotten pictures of all of those fun places too. I will get tons more pictures next time. I'm sure there are going to be many more visits to the quaint town of Granbury in my family's near future.  


  1. Oh man. I spent a great summer doing summer stock at the now closed Granbury Opera House. I know that lakefront very well. Glad y'all had fun!

  2. oh, pretty! I've never been to Granbury, but always wanted to take a weekend or mini vacation- now I really want to!

  3. How fun, Jenni! What a gorgeous building that Opera House is! It didn't look shuttered up when we were there. Maybe they're doing shows again??? I'll find out next time we are there.

  4. Katrina, it was a terrific place to visit, and so very close.



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