Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Budding Athlete Gets his Game On

Oh, what fun Little G and I had with my latest Regal Baby Balls. He is learning to throw, catch, kick, and roll. He is almost two now, and seems to be developing quite the sports prowess.

These were just perfect. They are easy to grip and so super soft. The vintage chenille that I used adds such a nice fluff and texture to these balls.

Little G is definitely all boy, and was infatuated with the hot rods, Vespas, and VW Bus designs on these balls. The fabric is Monaluna for Birch's Circa 50 Cars. This line is organic and just lovely. It is everything organic cotton has been missing for so long. Vibrant colors, trendy designs, and the highest quality weight.

We had a blast, and I am happy to report no sports related injuries.


  1. These are amazing. Really love the baby balls.

  2. Your baby balls are beautiful! My daughter will be thrilled to have the organic fabric for a toy and they are so bright and pretty. What fun!

  3. The baby balls are fantastic! Just the right size to hold and the organic fabric is beautiful, and great textures to explore my grandson loves his, what a great toy!!!!

  4. finally a toy that is safe, colorful and fun! the balls are so soft and kid friendly-can't wait to see what you come up with next.



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