Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Smoothies: A Refreshing After School Treat

Wowwee, it has been a very hot first week of school for us. My kiddos definitely weren't going to go for the old cookies and milk treat after school. All they have been screaming on the way home from school has been either, "Jamba Juice" or "Slurpy" everyday. Well, we aren't having any of that, but we did make homemade smoothies. And these were just the right sweetness and creaminess.

This recipe uses strawberries as the base, but you can substitute most any frozen fruit.

Fruit Smoothies (makes 6 small servings)

2 cups frozen strawberries (or other frozen fruit)
1 small container of flavored yogurt (such as yoplait or dannon)
3/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate
2 cups milk
1 cup ice

Mix all ingredients in blender. Garnish with a fresh strawberry on a straw if you wish.

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