Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday: A New Gift Giving Holiday?

My husband and I were debating whether Black Friday was really worth all the hub-bub, lines, crowds, etc. And my six year old determined that this is an actual holiday, and she wanted to know what special gift she would be getting for this "Black Friday Holiday." Oh, no, no, NO.

When I told her this was the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and we would be looking for deals for presents, she was devastated, of course. "What, I don't get my Black Friday gifts on Friday?"

Oh, dear. We are in for some serious trouble aren't we? I hope your Black Friday and Cyber Monday are happy and full of holiday cheer!

We are having our own Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, but you can stay home and relax to take advantage of our sale. We will be offering free shipping all weekend long! Just enter the coupon code REGALSHIP for free shipping in the shop.

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